Make Brushing Fun for KidsBrushing teeth is necessary for good oral health, yet for some reason, your child still doesn’t understand its importance. Of course, take it from their perspective: they’re busy playing or watching cartoons (or sneaking treats), so they obviously don’t want to stop what they’re doing for an inconvenient hygiene activity. Sometimes it can be hard to make brushing fun.

Fortunately, there are ways you can help your child enjoy their time brushing their teeth. And if not enjoy, then at least they’ll dislike it less. Try one or all of the following ideas to help make brushing your child’s teeth a less painful process.


Music can go a long way when it comes to brushing teeth. Turn it into a song, and when the song’s over, they’re done! Or reward them by playing their favorite song on your phone or stereo while you brush their teeth.

Some children’s musicians have also written fun songs that can help engage children while they brush their teeth. For example, Canadian children’s artist Raffi has a song called “Brush Your Teeth” which helps show kids that it can be fun (and also provides some fun sound effects to go along with it!). Reinforcing teeth brushing with media such as this can be beneficial to growing their brushing habit.


Kids love games, so why not make teeth brushing one as well? Use a toy to help brush their teeth, or even have your child take care of a teddy’s teeth by brushing them as well. If you have more than one small child, consider making it a race to see who will be done brushing first. Of course, tailor your games to your child’s personality; not everyone enjoys losing a race to their sibling.

Brush Together

Kids learn a lot by example, so consider brushing your teeth alongside them. Showing your child that even you, the adult, brush your teeth can instill a greater importance in your child’s mind. Not only will you show the importance of brushing, but you can also lead them in the actions they should take so that they can improve their own brushing skills.


When it comes to brushing teeth, starting your child off young will be a big boost for their future oral health. Try using the above examples to help your child, or come up with some of your own! Above all, find ways to make brushing fun. If your child is ready for a dental visit, visit us online and schedule a complimentary meet and great!